(International) Succession, Wills & Estate

Everyone has to deal with the law of succession at some point. The law of succession plays a major role both in settling one’s own estate and in the event of the death of a loved one. Our specialists can advise and assist you in both situations.

legal succession rights in the Netherlands and cross-border situations

If the deceased did not make a will, the statutory law of succession applies. Heirs then have the choice of accepting the inheritance purely, accepting it beneficently or rejecting it. This is a personal choice, which can be made strategically. Our specialists will be happy to take a look at your situation and your options with you. They also have extensive experience in international and cross-border issues.

Certificate of inheritance (vekrlaring van erfrecht)

With a certificate of inheritance (verklaring van erfrecht), heirs can prove that they have a right to the property of the deceased. A notary draws up such a certificate after having examined whether a will was made by the deceased and who the heirs are. This certificate is often requested by banks and other authorities. Our specialists and notary team can assist you with any matter regarding the certificate of inheritance.


If the deceased had a last will recorded in a notarial deed, it is a testament of the testator. The testator is free in what he wishes to include in the will. However, there are a number of legal protection rules (including the legitimate portion) that should be taken into account. Our notary team will be pleased to advise you on your options regarding your estate planning.

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