(International) Family law

Family law covers issues such as marriage, divorce, inheritance and all other matters relating to family relationships. These matters can have a major impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. When issues of an international scale arise, they can also complicate matters on a legal and fiscal level.

Cohabitation agreement, registered partnership or marriage

The (deputy) civil law notaries of LexQuire will be will be happy to examine your situation together with you. They will advise you on possible international aspects and on the possible arrangements you can put into a cohabitation contract, for example, or on the possibilities of a prenuptial agreement.


A divorce is almost always very drastic. Especially if agreements are made regarding the children, work and income. Our lawyers will assist you professionally in order to solve open issues as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Businesses and divorcec

We frequently assist (international) business men and/or their ex-partners, for example when the value of the company has to be determined and divided during the divorce and when agreements have to be made regarding partner as well as child support.

Wills, inheritances and estate planning

Whether you want to draw up a (living) will, want advice on your estate planning or need a certificate of inheritance – the specialists of LexQuire will help you.


We try as much as possible to come to a settlement of the estate in consultation with all parties involved. Is proper communication between the parties not possible (any longer)? Then we will there right by your side you during court proceedings. Our lawyers, tax advisers and notarial jurists are familiar with the legislation on both sides of the border. Thus, we can also offer you excellent assistance in international inheritance law matters.

You can contact LexQuire with issues regarding:

  • Cohabitation and marriage: cohabitation agreements or prenuptial agreements
  • Children: recognition, parental authority and guardianship
  • Divorce: division of property, partner as well as child support, parenting plans, visitation rights and pension settlement
  • Inheritance law: succession, business succession, wills and settlement of estates

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